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Clone failed

the clone failed...Afterwards,  i used disk part, and made it active, still it will not boot to the cloned drive.  I have a 500 GB Toshiba sata drive going down to a 240 GB ssd pny drive.  I have resized the existing partitions so they will fit on it leaving 460 GB unallocated space.  Please advise best way to do this.


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    Long way around to accomplish this, but you can make a backup of your Toshiba drive and then do a restore to the PNY drive using the Bootable Aomei disk (USB). Not sure why the clone wouldn't work but this method should get the job done. Basically, do a System backup of the drive, saving the image to another internal drive or external USB drive. Shut down, replace the Toshiba with the PNY, boot from the disk and do a restore to the PNY. You can edit the partitions so it all fits. Again, not the shortest method but it should work.
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