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AOMEI Backupper Not Comparing File Sizes

I couldn't find any previous discussion threads on this topic, so I'm guessing this is a rare occurrence; For whatever reason, during a recent syncing of files from one of my internal hard drive folders to an external USB drive that I use for local backup, Backupper only synced portions of several files (meaning they were smaller in size when compared to their original source files). Other than that, they were exactly the same, right down to the file date, which leads to me to the conclusion that Backupper is *only* looking at the file dates and file names to determine what needs to be synced. But if a file were get corrupt somehow during a syncing, usually resulting in a different file size, Backupper would never pick up on it. Is there a setting I'm missing, or is this the norm? If it is, we could all be backing up data that is incomplete, and would never know it unless we took the due diligence to inspect every file and folder that's getting synced (which is counter productive).



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