Thought the Standard Edition would be a good test

I suppose that is a good thought, however, with all the buggy features and requirements, along with the very slow and laborious steps that it takes, I can't imagine how anyone would ever complete a backup, especially one of any size.

Tried all the more complicated types of backups only to gravitate to what I thought would be a sure fire method; a File Backup of my Documents.

Only 4750 files and 8.1GB.  The backup goes through all the contortions and finally gets ready to backup 20,000+ files (have no idea how it got that many) to a 500GB drive with 465GB free space.  It then tells me that there is not enough free space on the destination drive.  When I check the F: drive, the "Backup" folder says it contains 570GB, when the drive is only 500GB; mind you that moments earlier the drive was mostly empty.  And the backup itself only consists of 8.1GB.

Unless some admin can explain this, think I'm done with it.


  • My oversight on partitions; fixed that and now it just goes on forever...
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