Error Aomei Partition free Windows XP

Error in image being executed in Virtual Box


  • Hi, so what operation did you perform? And what's the error message? 
  • O erro é aquele da foto. Acabei de atualizar e não iniciei o erro de impressão.
  • Can you translate the error message?
  • Part
    rt Assist exe
    Entry point not found
    Russian it Was possible to locate the procedure entry point GetTickCount 64 on-link library dininvico KERNEL32.dl.
  • KERNEL32.dll is missing, you could use professional tools to fix it.
  • WinXPx86 SP3, WinXPx64 >> Aomei Partition free 7.2.0
    while starting the program :

    "The application is terminated by pressing the CTRL + C key combination"

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