Disk space management scheme deleting old, but recent old backups


Is not the correct disk space management scheme deleting older backups, but not recent backups?

Does any other user have this same behavior?


  • Incremental Backup Scheme?
  • <Param>
                    <DependencyImgFilePath />
                    <FileFilter />
                    <FolderFilter />
                <Schedule type="0" WindowsSchedule="0" BackupType="1" TurnOff="0" RunPastedTask="1" CreateTime="1536809898">
                    <Once />
                    <Daily />
                    <Weekly />
                    <Monthly />
                    <Event />
                <Policy Type="10" TurnOff="0" SafeFirstVersion="0" Range="3" BaseVer="9" />
  • Maybe you could create a new task to test the result.
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