Boot CD on Windows 10

I've tried several times to create a boot CD on Windows 10. In none of the variants is it possible. Not on different CDs. Error message: "No written medium could be found ..." What can it be?


  • The error message was shown in Backupper?
  • I have the software as well. What needs to be done is make sure you use the UEFI partition mode when making your disk through PE builder and not Linux. Since UEFI came out to market it is now being used instead of the Legacy partitions that are NTFS,FAT32,FAT,RAW and there are more. What this new partition format does it opens up the door to be able to see more than a 2 terabyte hard drive or USB drive installed in a laptop or a desktop computer running Windows 8 and up. This software can and does format USB drive either in Legacy partitions or in the new UEFI partition. Now Windows 8 and above use this partitioning process so the drive that are coming with desktops and laptops are over 2 terabyte. So this will support a very large drive any media support. Now on your case....
    You need to use a USB thumb drive with an 8 gig size. The size I use, you can use a smaller one but then you can put other software on the usb to do tech support if needed. Now once you have installed AOMEI Backer upper, use PE builder it takes a little bit longer depending on your network speed, or you can do a direct download from AOMEI and install this software separate so it will not need a network connection to download the software required to make a Win PE AOMEI Backer upper bootable USB. Here is the link to download the PE Builder that AOMEI offers which I have never seen in any cloning software yet to date that has this even as a 30 day trial download!! On newer version they have PE Builder preinstalled with Backer upper. So once you have installed the software you can make any bootable media, just make sure what partition format they are using. You can go into the BIOS settings, on the computer you need to use this software on and some systems it will let you know the hard drive installed with the Partition that the drive has. Go to something like Bootable media in the media drives can be accessed in this section and you can find out what partition scheme they used and that will determine for you the partition you will need to boot up and be able to see the UEFI partition so you can clone, backup, and many more options in this software!

    Once you have the software install it and follow all the instructions, you might need Windows SDK which is a free download and is available here:

    Install it before installing PE Builder please. They have a direct installer or you can download the .iso image CD but you will need an ISO application to be able to open it and burn it to CD or mount it as a virtual CD Rom drive and install it from there...
    Once you have done all of this you can then open Backer upper and they also have an update download for upgrade is located here:

    Now you do not have to upgrade, the version you have. It should work fine I use version or below. Please just follow all the instructions and please read there documentation closely and this can be located here:
    This is the Windows SDK and how to use it:

    This is the full documentation JUST on making bootable media with Backer upper.
    Can be found here:

    I hope I was able to assist, Good Luck!! PColeman  ( ;')
  • Thank you, PColeman!
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