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  • I didn't get a License Code after download and install and $49 payment to upgrade to Backupper Professional. Not in my email or anyplace else.

  • The serial number would have appeared on the MyCommerce webpage as well as in the email.

    Have you checked your and  or your ISps spam box in case it ended up there?

    The email will have a subject line of Your order confirmation and will have come from [email protected]

    You can also go to the following page and input your details, and My Commerce will recover your details for you.

    If you still can't find it, maybe sending an email to the above address with your details might help.

    If you paid via PayPal you will also have a PayPal reference number.


  • Hi chardok,

    We are so sorry for the inconvenience. If you still not get the confirmation email, you can try as what bogdy advised. Or please email us your order ID and the email address, so that we can track your order and help. 

  • I see a new release.  I have Technician Pro Enterprise,  What link do I use to get the upgraded version and will it work with the key code i have?

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