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When restore I can only see C drive

When I choose the partition from where I want to restore I can only see C drive not D drive. So I have option C on C. LOL?


  • This may be a language problem. Is the partition you want to restore originally a C drive partition and it's backup is located on the D drive?  Basically, what drive was the partition on that you backed up and where did you back it up to?
    Or are we dealing with something else? What did you back up and where did you back it up to? 
  • System C on D drive.
  • If you did a System backup of your C drive and the backup image is on your D drive, then your options would be to restore to your original location or to a new drive that replaced your old C drive. Both functions would need to be performed in a Pre Windows Environment by booting from your WinPE bootable disk. Restoring to your original drive would usually be done if your system failed (corruption, virus, etc) and can't boot. The second option would be used if you wanted to use a new or larger C drive. You can't restore to a drive that contains your backup image so what you are seeing is correct.
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