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AOMEI Backuper Network unable to properly use credentials to access NAS

I have recently set up Backupper Network on our system and I am trying to get remote backup jobs working.

Currently some machines will happily use the supplied NAS credentials to log onto the NAS for the purpose of disk backup tasks while some machines fail.

The machines that fail state:
"Information Code:304
The number of network connections has exceeded maximum limit. Please try again later, or restart the computers on the network and retry."

Our NAS also shows it as a 'login failed for user <username>'. The backup task prompt accepts the login/password and is able to list directories just fine. I have tried various combinations and even set up a completely fresh user/password on the NAS for backupper but it still does not work.
I can use the same user/password successfully if I remote to the machine with VNC and run the backup job 'locally' targetting the NAS, I just cannot create the job on the backupper-network server. A bit annoying when you have a lot of machines to backup.

Any idea of what is wrong here?


  • Please try to delete "NAS.xml" in "C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR" and try again.
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