Migrate OS to SSD

The system loaded Win PE and copied files to the SSD.

Replacing the HDD with the SSD caused an error.

The PC will not boot!


  • How did you "copy" files to the SSD. More specifically, what did you copy? Normally, you either have to clone the drive to the SSD or restore a system or disk backup to the SSD in order for it to function. 
  • I used "Migrate OS to SSD" from the main Partition Assistant menu
  • PS: This appears to copy the Boot drive (in this case drive C:) to the SSD.
  • PPS: The SSD was a USB drive.
  • Did you connect the SSD internally when booting from it?
  • To follow up with what @admin said.... You said the SSD "was" a USB drive. How is it connected now that you said you replaced the HDD with it? with a USB cable? with a SATA cable direct to the motherboard? You can't boot from an external drive (without great difficulty). 
  • I connected the SSD internally, having removed the HDD
  • The SSD was connected by a USB cable while I attempted to Migrate the OS to SSD.

    When the migration was complete I removed my HDD from the PC and replaced it with the SSD.

  • The next question would then be..... was the SSD new and unused or had it been used before? I ask because if it was used and formatted MBR and the system is GPT, this is what you would get. (I speak from having experienced this myself.) Trouble shooting via this forum is tough and slow as it has to go step by step to reach a solution. But stick with it. Some one here or the admin will figure out the problem. 
    Personally, when I put in a new drive (I've done this for myself and for several friends PC's) I like to make a System copy of the drive and then restore it to the new SSD in a pre windows environment. I've found this to work all the time except when I used an SSD that was formatted MBR and his PC was GPT. Cleaning and converting the disk to GPT fixed that problem. This may be an easier way for you than trying to work through finding a fix for what you did.
  • Thank you very much for your help. I have "solved" the problem by paying to have the drive loaded. It is worth the upgrade. My laptop boots in 30 seconds instead of 20 minutes!

    I am going to upgrade my wife's laptop, when a second SSD arrives. I shall check if it is GPT. If not, I shall convert it.

    Then, I shall be in touch after attempting the upgrade. If I cannot get Partition Assistant to do the job, I shall be requesting a refund. This is why I bought it!

    Thank you again for the assistance.

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