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Sequential differential backups sometimes smaller in size.

I recently installed Aomei Backupper Pro 4.1.0 and am using the space disk management scheme. Sometimes the file for a differential backup is smaller then the previous differential backup. How is this possible?


  • Can you upload a screenshot?
  • Differential backup 13 is smaller than 12. Is this possible or an error of some sort?

  • Thanks. That had occurred to me, although I don't recall deleting 22GB. Possibly something in the recycle bin that finally got flushed. The smaller file verified OK, so I guess I'll assume all is well......
  • I don't recall deleting 22GB

    Maybe windows.old, the previous version of Windows10 kept for a few weeks after a big Win10 update. After a few weeks,and you did not rollback, the windows.old is deleted automatically.
  • That's a great insight. Thanks!
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