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Add to be able to name the backup.

Add a box to name the backup being done, not just the date. If you are using one portable drive to backup more than one computer it's hard to know which is the backup for each computer.


  • Hi camper913,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. We will report it to our development staff. If you have any further questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • Hi Camper,

     Make a Folder in your portable drive i.e. "\Images"

     Direct your "step 2" to that folder, and use the "Task Name" to name your system...this will create another folder with your image inside whatever your folder is named during "Step 2" 

    You can also use the "Backup Options" to describe your images.

    Maybe this will help keep track of your images.


  • Hi,

    I am sorry, I'm wrong. Yes, before you start the creation, you can name the backup task as buckitall said. In addition, you can rename a backup task right now. Please select the backup task in the Home Page, and select Advanced--Edit Backup, next you will see option like in the picture below:


  • Thanks guys.

  • Thank you for posting your question. We are glad to help. 

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