Recruiting forum moderator!!!!!

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No matter which industry you are in, as long as you are a computer user.

Or you are interested in a lot of things including computer science.

Or you think that our products have many shortcomings and want to criticize us.

Or you have any ideas on optimizing the product.

If so, become one of our forum moderators.


What you can get from us

Ø You can choose any version of our products as a gift and we will provide you lifetime upgrades, unlimited supports.

Ø New product/features testing authority (based on you are willing to test it) and get the new product the first time.

Ø You can also talk about things related to computer field, recommend the software which you consider it's good. 

ØShare your other idears with others


What we want to do

You don’t have to be always online, just spend one or two quarters on the forum when you have spare time. And you don't have to reply all the questions, you can look what the users are talking
about then choose the questions you are interested in (or you know waht to do) to answer. On the other hand, our support team will allocate
time to answer the questions in the forum, so you could just answer the
questions, help the users as you can.In addition, we welcome any of your suggestions on optimizing our forum.

We are trying to build an open and professional place for our users to talk about our software and other tech questions and seek help. What's more, we are going to develop more software and remain some of the software to be free, so this place should become more and more livelyOn the other hand, we are not familiar with English communications skills because we are not English native speakers, so we think if that you could be one of our moderators that would make our forum more lively.


If you are interested in this, please send me a private message by click my account, next in my personal home page, select send me a message.

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