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Can't delete differential backup file

I have these 3 files in a backup folder in which I believe the 2 secondary files are differential backups
04/05/2017  10:52 AM   251,504,263,966 System Backup(1).adi
11/05/2017  02:03 PM   130,254,002,536 System Backup(1)1.adi
01/16/2018  11:57 AM   177,019,071,083 System Backup(1)2.adi

I wish to delete the 2nd file with timestamp 11/05 to free up space.   I moved the file out of the folder to check if it would cause issues and it did.  I got an error when trying to explore the image with only the first and third files.  Isn't the point of Differential backups so that you do not need to keep multiple - they are based on the full backup image.?   So how can I delete the older differential backup while keeping my backup in tact?


  • What error did you get? You can check the logs(Advance--Properties-->View logs) of the task to see if they are differential backups? or incremental backup?
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