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Recovery Performance Disappointing

Hello together,

yesterday I performed a recovery of a Windows 2008R2 test system (~400GB) from a NAS and it took hours (>6h) to finish the recovery. Both, the server and the NAS are normally capable to saturate the GbE link. So I started a second test and recovered my Desktop System (SSD and Backup an a SATA attached HDD) an the result was equally. It took over a hour to recover a system with ~70GB of data.

Both backups were differential backups with normal compression. While the backup speed is really impressive the recovery time is absolutley inacceptable - especally when you have to revocer a server system.

Whats the reason for this poor recovery performance?


  • In addition to the above tests I started a few further ones to compare different settings. Compression doesn't seem to have a huge impact of the recover time. A recovery from a full backup is nearly twice as fast as a differential but with ~40MB/s still not satifying when you have to restore a production server.

  • Hello tobias,

    Thank you for posting your questioons in this forum. The difference of handing backup and restore process decided the running time is different. In addition, the reading and writting speed of a disk are different.

  • Hi admin,

    thanks for your reply. The perfomance of the source or target devices could only be a reason if a recovery produces heavily random I/Os on both devices and I can't belive that.

    "The difference of handing backup and restore process decided the running time is different."

    Could you explain more detailed what you mean?


  • I'm still awaiting an answer. :)

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