Changing Network path to backup not possible

due to a change of my network the network IP adress to my NAS has changed. Now I cannot continue my incremental backups as the former path is not valid anymore and it seems there is no feature in the Software to update a storage path of an existing backups. The scheduled backups do not work either.
How can I change the path to access my backup destination again?

Thanks for any help!



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    If you can see what IP address you used when you made the original backup, you can set up the original destination with a "static" IP address using that IP. This can be done through Windows or in your Router. It's much easier to do it in your router. I had this problem when I first started. Read your router manual and it should be very easy to do. You should be able to find what address you used by opening AOMEI, click on ADVANCED for that backup and then properties. It will show you the path and IP address used. Or delete the original backup and start again but this time making sure the address is static.
  • This is just a suggestion if an admin is monitoring this thread.

    This is the third or fourth time I've seen this happen just on this forum. It should be easy and might be a good idea to add a bullet note in your help documents that if backing up to a NAS (especially for home users) to give the destination a "static" IP address to avoid this problem. Every router I've used gives you this option and is an easy operation.

  • @cwangnick You could update the storage path in Advanced-->Edit Backup. Change the path to local drive first, and then change it to the correct IP.
  • @Flyer Thank you.
  • @Flyer,
    thanks for your hint! This works but nevertheless it should be possible to change the network path in AOMEI backupper itself.

    @admin: your suggestion did not work. Instead an error message pops up saying "Changing not possible because the actual path is not a valid one"
    To me it is strange that a programmer phrased such a message as the described  situation really asks for a possibility to change the path...

    Thanks alot for your responses!

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    I didn't think his idea would work as when I first had the same problem, I contacted support and they said it was not possible to change the path for a NAS in the program. So that left me with changing the destination device's IP address in the router and making it static. They didn't recommend that to me but I figured I didn't want the IP address to change again so making it static was the only way to go.
    Glad you got it working and hopefully they'll add something to the NAS backup help file to recommend using a static IP. (adding this would be a lot easier for them than trying to modify their program although what you said makes sense)

  • Oh, sorry. That method only works when your current path is valid and want to change to a new one.
  • I updated to version 5.2.0 and I'm still experiencing this problem for a network-location backup. This is the error message I see when I try to modify the destination:

    I'm really hoping this can be fixed in a future version.

  • @tgp1994 ; You'll have to delete this task and create a new one. When you try to change the target, the program will copy backup images from the old location to new location first, if the old location can't be accessed, you are not able to modify the destination.
  • @admin Thank you for the suggestion, that should help me get moving. Perhaps as a suggestion though, instead of refusing to change the location, the program could offer to look for the backup images in a new location?
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