File System Other back to File System NTFS

Hello! I have windows 10 hard disk with next GPT structure:
not used 500Mb|~400Gb NTFS with win10 and user data|100MB EFI boot loader|free ~50Gb
And I used AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 6.3 on windows 10 for move NTFS partition in two steps:
1) move to
~400Gb with File System "NTFS"|not used 500Mb|100MB EFI boot loader|free ~50Gb
2) resize to
~450Gb NTFS|100MB EFI boot loader|free ~50Gb
AOMEI runed in PreWin time. Was black screen and I reset the system.
But now:
not used 500Mb|~400Gb with File System "Other" (0x01)|100MB EFI boot loader|free ~50Gb
Tell me pleas how to continue breaked process? Can I restory win10 and user data?
Best regards, Ilan


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