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Hang-up at "Loading, Please Wait..."

I've been running AB Pro several years without any problems. I run a weekly scheduled backup but I noticed this past week's backup failed to run. Then I tried running AB manually and it displays the splash screen that says "Loading, Please Wait" and it hangs there. As a result I can't do a manual backup nor does the scheduled backup run. I just downloaded and installed version 4.1 (was running 4.0.6) but nothing changed. I haven't installed any new programs recently and all Windows 10 updates have applied without incident.

By the way, if I start up Task Manager when attempting to manually run AB, it shows the AB task is using 25% of my cpu, 0% disk and 0% network. No other task is using more than minimal amount of cpu. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?


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    If there's an external disk connects to your computer, please remove it and then re-run the program. Please disable BitLocker if it's on.

    If the problem still exists, please upload a screenshot of Disk Management.

  • Thanks for your response. I know you should never assume anything but I was assuming that an external drive was no longer connected. However, when you mentioned running Disk Management, I started DM up and sure enough, it hung up just like Backupper. Upon checking the old external drive, I found that it was indeed plugged in. After removing it, the problem disappeared from Disk Management as well as AOEMI Backupper. Problem solved. Thanks for your help.
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