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Backup Taking too Long ?

Backup from HDD C: to USB HDD E: taking over two hours. Too long surely ?




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    Depends on the number of GB and the USB speed, compression and sector by sector etc.

    Example: 216 GB at 30 MB /sec = 7200 secs =  2 hours.

  • Thanks.

    Yes, I take your point.



  • Hi, I am a new User of AOMEI (free) from Germany.
    Job: Backup from a NAS Harddisk (2 TB) to an USB HD (2 TB, USB 3.0), NAS HD currently uses 1,2 TB data. The backup is running since17 hours and so far only 63% are done.
    I have tried 2 of the 4 backup options (file synchro and file backup), but both take the same time for the jobs.
    My system: Windows 10 Pro latest edition, Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 3,2 GHz, Gigabit-LAN.
    Has anyone made similar experience or has some recommandation for improvement?

  • Sorry, I forgot: NAS Drive is linked directly to the computer while the USB HD is linked to a USB hub.  Could it make sense to link the Usb hd directly to the nas drive to improve backup speed?
  • Did you test the read/write of your NAS and USB HD?
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