Laptop is not booting after partition

I just a bought a new laptop yesterday, Acer aspire v5 Series Model 572 with windows 8 installed, when checked the C drive it was 500GB so i thought I should create partitions with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, I downloaded and entered the desired settings and space for partitions and made the drives C, F, G, H. C drive having the windows installed almost 6.64 GB and the rest was free.

However, after clicking the apply button the computer was restarted and I could see the system in DOS mode and AOMEI partition working, it showed that it was creating partitions, and at the end it showed that the operation is completed and press any key to restart, i did not press any key and let the system restart itself, when the laptop restarted it showed the main dell screen with a logo followed by a blank black screen and nothing happened.

After a while a cursor was also showed but windows is not starting, I spent the whole night restarting the system again and again or tried to enter the BIOS setup, but could not do so as none of the keys F1 ~ F12 seemed to work.

I spent a lot of my hard earned money to buy a new laptop with a new windows, and this is really frustrating, any help would be highly appreciated.

Pls help


  • Hello Bikram

    Sorry for the late reply and the issue you encountered. The cause of your issue might be the loss of the boot information, you may try to fix it with a winPE system or with a windows 8 installation DVD 's repair function. Or you may google for how to fix the BCD file for other solutions.



    Aomei Support Team

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