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AOMEI task scheduler

There is a task named "AOMEI Backupper Schedule task service (32bit)" running in my PC.

Is this required for AOMEI Backupper Free version to run?

If not, how can I delete it? Thanks


  • If you have Backupper set up to create backups on a schedule then you need the process running. Are you saying that you have not set up a backup schedule and want the process stopped? To do this go into "Computer Management" then click on "Services" (in left pane) then "AOMEI...." (in right pane) then click on "Stop the service". See photo here

    imageStop AOMEI Backupper Scheduler.png

    There is no need to stop it really because it takes up little or no resources except for when a schedule is set and even then very little.

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