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Slower boot time after parition shrink

On my new NVMe m.2 samsung pro drive for my ryzen system I created two separate paritions (C: and D:). I would be able to boot into windows 10 in roughly 10 seconds or less for both paritions. However, after shrinking my main boot drive parition on the NVMe and extending the other parition to fill the empty space, my boot time for my main parition (C:) now takes an extra 10 seconds or so to boot. I do not have this issue on the D: partition. Is there a solution?


  • I used another 3rd party program (not AOMEI) to shrink the C: partition on which Windows is located. I can't remember the program's name but after shrinking the partition the OS would not boot at all. I had to reinstall the OS. My point is that only Windows "knows itself" properly. Only Windows knows where every bit of data is located accurately and only Windows should be used for partition adjustments. The 3rd party program I used did not see some Windows data and allowed me to shrink the partion too much thereby deleting Windows OS data. Possible solution: - In command window type "sfc /scannow" (note the space) and hit Enter and see if it finds any errors and fixes them.

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