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[Bug] Multiple Monitors and AOMEI Backupper Network Beta - Dragging the window around on 2nd monitor

Windows 10 Pro, using AOMEI Backupper Network Beta

Problem: When dragging the network program's UI around on a 2nd monitor, it periodically "jumps" the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen. This causes the control program to jump with it.

Too Much Information:

Fresh install of AOMEI client on 2 machines. Installed AOMEI Backupper Network Beta on my primary machine.

I added both machines as controlled computers on primary machine. Note, I had to disable the 2nd PC's firewall to be able to add it, that is in a separate thread.

I re-enalbed the firewall immediately, and started a system network backup for both PC's.

The backup started for the primary (local) machine, but the second PC on the network did not start, and was listed as Offline, probably because the firewall is back up again.

While the backup is running, I dragged the UI for the Network control program around on the 2nd monitor. When doing this, it periodically forces the mouse to the bottom of the screen instantly, taking the UI I was dragging with it. This behavior does not happen with other programs.



  • Thanks for your feedback. We have submitted the problem to our dev team. As for firewall, could you try to add AOMEI Backupper network, ABservice.exe and ABCore.exe to exception rule of firewall.

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