Creating Bootable Media in Backupper Standard v2.0

I'm trying to install Backupper to an external drive via Create Bootable Image. I selected Windows PE (as I'll be using this on different hardware from time to time) and then selected the legacy boot mode. The external drive I'm using is 250GB in size, and I currently have one partition on it (4GB in NTFS File System - the rest will be used to store the images once that partition is created). When I go through the process everything appears normal and there's no error messages, but when I click on the 4GB partition there are no files. I'll disconnect the drive and reconnect and still don't see any files on the partition. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?



  • Hello jhemphill,

      We are sorry for the issue you encountered. We wonder whether you were using Creating ISO file then burn into your external drive? Have you got any error notice? We suggest you to create ISO file and do again burning to the partition to retry.



    AOMEI Support Team

  • No, I was using the option of creating the bootable image from the program. But I think I've found my issue by how the external drive was formatted (GPT instead of MBR).  I first tested with a USB flash drive and it installed and ran correctly. Then I went and checked the external hard drive and found it was formatted as a GPT drive. Once I formatted the drive correctly to MBR I was able to get the bootable image installed and the program ran fine once I rebooted.

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