On Win7 The boot disk has no mouse support or keyboard support

Hi, I thought support you might like to know.

On my win10 notebook I have had success. I created two Boot disks from the AOMEI utilities. I don't remember the details. I later needed to do a restore and it worked.

So upon getting a new drive on my Win7 machine, installing all my software and getting things running well I found Acronis now does not detect the C drive on the win7 machine. So I decided to try AOMEI. I used one of the AOMEI boot disks created on the Win10 machine and they read in okay. I did all the steps to the point of a restore but I of course did not complete it because I had just installed everything. So I then decided to try and create a rescue disk by installing AOMEI on the win7 machine (an I5 machine). Two problems occur.


It will not complete the write to the brand new DVD-R. It gets 99% of the boot disk complete then it ejects the DVD-R and locks up.


I tried the boot with the new DVD-R and it reads it in but the AOMEI interface locks up (mouse and keyboard can not do anything). So then using AOMEI installed on win7 I created an ISO file and I burn it with [email protected] ISO Burner. The burn was successful. So I use this disk to boot to the machine and again the AOMEI interface comes up but it is locked so the mouse and the keyboard do not work.

So I am finished for now since I wasted 3 brand new DVD-R disks at about $1.00 each. I will use my machine and hopefully the AOMEI boot disk that was created on the WIn10 machine will do a proper restore when the time comes. At least the AOMEI the was in stalled on Win7 does create a backup image of my C drive correctly. If the restore fails then I will be back to my old habits of spending a day or two installing all my software again.



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    I think as long as your Aomei boot disk will let you get into Aomei in the Pre Windows Environment, it should work whether it was made in Win 7 or Win 10 as long as they are the same bit (64 or 32). When I first installed Aomei and I couldn't create the disk, tech support sent me an ISO file which I used to create a boot disk. I'm running Win 10 but the boot disk booted up into a Win 7 pre environment (that's the ISO they sent). I was still able to use all the Aomei functions. I assume it will work the other way also since Aomei is loading before any operating system is. The only thing I think would matter is the version of Aomei you used to create the disk. That's the version you'll see when you boot from the disk.

    You tested this by booting with the good boot disk you have on your Win 7 machine. I would try a few functions like file explore or some other utility to test functionality.

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    Thank you Flyer. I think you are correct. I think the boot disk created in win10 will probably return my backip. I say this because as mentioned in my intial post it seemed to have functionality to the point where I could simulate the return right up until the last minute. I will try some of the other functionality as you suggested.

    What I forgot to mention is the AOMEI that had problems creating the boot disk with was version and the one I used on Win10 was version So I decided to uninstall the AOMEI version from Win7 and install the older version Unfortunately it does exactly the same thing when trying to create a boot disk. So anyway what I am doing is I am creating another image of the Win7 C drive with this older version of AOMEI. It is running right now and is in the process of checking the backup data which I expect will be fine just like it was when I did the backup with the newer version

    I was thinking about AOMEI doing the burn and its ejecting the DVD cartrige but not giving a finish message. This suggests that some code is getting missed for whatever reason. Its locking up and needing my use of the taske manager to close it down suggests it (or something) went into a loop.

    I assume that support watches this forum. However, just in case I sent them an email with the first post and mentioned that this forum thread had been started.

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    I just noticed that I did not get an email. I went through my preferences and checkboxed everything for email notice. Hopefully I get email notice of any replies since if I don't I probably will quickly forget I posted here. Email is my goto place multiple times a day..

  • They are on holiday until the 24th. Nothing till then.

    They know the problem trying to burn a boot disk. Keep telling us they're working on it. Maybe in the next update???? Usually when it burns to 99%, you can end the process in Task Manager and the disk will work. I've burned some for friends and either those work or if you select the ISO option for burning, you can burn the disk with the built in Windows burner and that one should work also.


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    I tried the windows burner in the ISO I had created and the app still comes up without mouse or keyboard working (exactly the same result as the ISO burn I did with the "[email protected] ISO Burner" software). Actually [email protected] ISO Burner is a very elaborate software compared to the windows burner and it also has a verify option.

    I will find out if the boot disk created on Win10 works in maybe a year or two. It definitely has mouse and keyboard support. I can say that much for sure. Both machines are 64 bit so it should do the restores. If it works I will try to find this post and get back to update it.

    I have changed my routine for returning images. I keep ONLY the image backups that I do immediately after a reinstall or immediately after a restore where I add in some software that was not on the restored image. I am doing this by taking notes of what I did to configure any software I added in or changed after the image was taken. I put these in my central notes for the big reinstalling process but at the bottom and which need to be applied when I do a return. So that way I do no keep taking waste of time images that get more and more dirty such that I eventually run out of external USB drive space and I erase my early images. This way I always know my images are clean and will bring the machine back to the state that they were in a day or two after I did all the reinstalling. I name them this way

    FreshInstall_01_1D  (1 day after the fresh install)

    I add to my installa notes any software update changes I make (lets say prog X and Y)

    if things get messy with windows I return FreshInstall_01_1D

    I then reapply what is in my notes and create another image

    FreshInstall_02_1D  (1 day after the return and fresh install of prog X and Y)

    So using this new procedure it takes about a year before windows gets dirty so that is when I will be back with a post of the results of the return.

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    I assume support will realize this is a pretty serious bug which will not help their sales even though I am using the free version (quality starts from the bottom up). To put it in context I have a software which I won't mention and their support is amazing. They come in with remote operation software (when there is a serious issue) and operate my application to fix the problem or gather data needed to debug and fix it. They have risen to the absolute top in their field within 10 years. One should not be surprised. I have zero complaints about them. Their software is the only one I recommend. In fact I recommend avoiding all other software of this type.

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