How to reformat a Linux disc for Win 7 NTFS?

Hello all,

We have an old drive that it formatted for Linux (it used to be a backup disc for a Synology Server - which uses Linux).
I now want to re-pupose the drive as a archive disc for Win 7.
It is a USB drive so I can plug it into my WIn7 PC, but neither my PC nor Apple will recognise it - hence I can't reformat it!

I'm not a Linux uses and don't have LiveCD.
What's the easiest way of reformatting the drive to NTFS?

Thank you

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    In Win7, goto cmd.exe (make a shortcut on desktop).

    Type in:

    Diskpart  <enter>

    list disk

    does it show your USB drive?

    If so:

    select disk #     (# is the USB drive number listed above)

    clean                (Now it must be visible in Windows Disk management as unallocated, 

                              you can format there)

    if not: Sorry can't help you, drive may be broken.

    in either case



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