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Restore - Problem that Diskcopy image is 'write protected'.

Hi there - I wonder if I might request your advice.

I have Aomei Backupper Professional installed and over time wrote several "disk backup" to an external diskdrive. 

Recently, I discovered a corruption problem with the master boot record in Windows 10 and couldn't restart the computer as it was in a continual automatic repair loop. I determined it was advisable not to do a full restore from a disk backup as I would risk repeating the start up problem. I reinstalled windows 10 and now have a functioning computer. 

I would now like to access my files and programs from a disk backup so I can copy them to the main drives. To do this, I had followed the instructions for the Aomei Backupper "Explore Image" function and can see a list of folders under new drive headings.

Unfortunately, when I try to access the user folders I am denied permission and then when I attempt to change the permissions to allow access, a dialogue box appears which states that "an error has occurred in applying security information". It also states that "The media is write protected."  This means that I am unable to open the relevant folders or access files.  

I would appreciate any advice to overcome this problem - especially the write protection. 

Keep well




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    Please try another File Explorer than Windows Explorer. This is a known issue.

    Google on Q-dir.exe for an alternative explorer.  You can also use CMD.exe, the Windows Command prompt. You may need to run these as administator in the latest versions of Win10.

  • Thank you for your suggestion.  I'll seek a copy of Q-dir soon.  You also refer to the Windows prompt - is there an instruction that can be used with the prompt to address the problem?  Thansk again.  Keep well Paul 

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    DOS commands are the first PC commands ever. Bill Gates was at the beginning of this in the 80's. So there a tons of books and internet help pages about DOS.

    DIR, CD, COPY or XCOPY are the commands you might need.

  • Thank you for your advice.  I successfully managed to use Q-dir to copy files from the disk backup image to an external drive so I could reconstruct my documents folder. This fixed the problem and I now have a functioning computer with my files intact.   

    Later in order to learn something about the commands you mentioned I mounted a disk copy image and then used the Command Prompt (Administer) to copy files to an external drive using the xcopy command. This took longer - but I think it is very useful as an alternative approach should the Q-Dir approach fail.

    I'm wondering whether the "write protection" issue I mention in my original post is normal for using Aomei disk backup - given that I'm only using standard Windows 10?

    Keep well


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