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Setting up (in Backupper standard free) a notification and sending a test message constandly returns with a faillure "Sorry, failled to send a test message"  I'm using gmail so: to adres to myself, with port 465 my username and password. Please can somebody help me with solving this problem.

Best regards, Rockdday, the Netherlands.


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    Hi, I can confirm that. Tested with GMX and T-Online I got the same error. Also using AOMEI's smtp server didn't work. Although it told me that the message has been sent I didn't receive it.


  • Hello,

    We are so sorry for this problem. To Rockdday, for sending email to your Gmail, you may try use AOMEI's SMTP. For the problem configure your own SMTP, the problem may be caused by security settings which we haven't been optimized before. You have to wait for the next version, our development are working on it.

    Best  Regards,


    AOMEI Support Team

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