Main Threads:Restore disk error 214: "disk not enough reserve space" on exactly the same disk
  • Hi, 

    I tried to use AOMEI Backupper Standard to create a Disk backup of an SDcard to an image file (*.adi). The SDcard comes from a Raspberry PI running Raspbian. The disk backup completed succesfully and backed up both partitions on the SDcard.

    When I however want to restore the backup to another SDcard I get the error above. The source and target SDcard are exactly the same (same brand, size and model) and I use the option to restore a disk (all partitions). Before I started I formatted the target disk. 

    Selecting the option 'fit all partitions to entire disk' does not resolve the problem. 

    Why do I get this error?

    Can someone help?


  • Please delete all partitions on target disk and try again.

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