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restore only specific files / folders


I use the AOMEI Backupper Standard and for the first time I need to recover/restore data.

I do not want restore the "whole" system rom a specific date, but only specific files or folders.

But I do not find the way to choose the files/folders I want ro restore.

Is this possible in general and if yes, how?


Hamburg, Germany



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    Yes, choose Explore in the Utilities menu. Or in the Advanced button in the Home tab. It will map a partition from a backup image to  a letter in Windows Explorer (or any other) so you can easily copy your files. 

    B.t.w. this is something you should have discovered yourself when you selected a product for backupping. It is an essential part of a good backup program.

  • This is possible when the backup was an image file, but how is it possible to restore individual files and folders from a backup that is a files backup? The only option is to restore the entire drive, or partition. When looking at the backup, it only offers "full backup" then pressing next, you choose where to restore it, and it starts to restore the entire thing. There is no way to choose individual folders or files.
  • @Trillian, Please first check your backup file is .adi or .afi? For .adi backup file, you can explore it to virtual partitions via Tools-->Explore Image. If it is File Backup (.afi), you can select part files/folders to restore. As for File Restore, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/file-restore.html
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