Main Threads:Convert Encrypted Dynamic Disk to " Basic Disk " without Deleting?
  • Hello,

    I need help ...

    I changed OS and my encrypted internal hard drive is not recognizable.

    This is just a " second " internal hard drive, not the primary (C).

    I am on Windows 7 and my hard drive (the second one) is encrypted with Truecrypt.

    I looked at this tutorial:

    but I block at this stage:

    Step 2: Since you’re going to convert a dynamic disk to
    a basic one, choose Method 1. Method 2 is for dynamic volume to basic



    what should I choose?

    This second internal hard drive is fully encrypted, I did not create other partitions, it is in "one".

    I can not risk losing all my data just to "try" ...

    I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  • The Dynamic Disk Converter doesn't support encrypted drives.

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