Can NOT restore through Windows; can ONLY use the disk ??

When I try to restore through the Windows, it says the restore will start on re-boot. But that is only after the little green indicator on your program gets to 100% and the "restart" option  becomes available. It gets to ninety-one per cent (91%) and then stays there. Have tried numerous times over several days, and always freezes at 91%. I then have no choice but to hit the "cancel" button, which means the reboot restoe will NOT appear, and must then use the disk only. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks if you can advise. I have Windows 8 and the machine is otherwise in good shape, no viruses, etc.


  • ....make that "reboot RESTORE," thanks. It's good that the disk works, but would be even better if I could get the program to stop freezing at 91% so I could also use it in the way it's designed, not have that function taken away.

  • If the program is unable to restart the computer or failed to enter into "Restart Mode", you could see FAQ to solve the problem.

    ok the answer is "yes"  it does fail to enter into restart mode, because the gauge freezes at 91% and needs to get to 100%  in order for you to proceed. Where is the "FAQ" found where it says I "could" solve the problem? thanks and rgds.

  • Hello Frank,

    We are so sorry for the problem you
    encountered. Could you please try create AOMEI Backupper bootable media
    and then tell us the result. If you can create the bootable media, you
    can boot from the media to restore your backup.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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