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Send Backupper disc images directly to a cloud service without local copies?

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I see that it is possible to send the images directly to a NAS drive:


Can I backup disc images directly to a cloud service like Microsoft OneDrive this way?

I need to send the disc images directly to OneDrive without local copies of the image files, because there is not enough disc space locally.

Is this possible with AOMEI Backupper?



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    No, A program like Aomei, and most other programs like databases etc. needs two way read/write access to the disk. OneDrive is only read or write at one time at a given file.

    Besides that, how would you gain access to Onedrive without a local copy, without synchronize? It's not an FTP service and b.t.w. FTP wouldn't work as well for the same reason

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    What about mapping the cloud storage as network drive -- would that work?

    I mean, with the NAS storage it should be the same -- no local copy of the image file is necessary.

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    No, I would be surprised. I even doubt that a local copy in a OneDrive or Dropbox folder would work. It doesn't with databases with read/write access, that is because these programs start to synchronize while the file is still in use thereby blocking access to the user pogram. To prevent this you should close OneDrive and the like. 

    But what is keeping you from trying?

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    Thank you -- however, could someone from the company comment on this as well?

    I.e. what is the best way for directly sending an AOMEI image to the cloud without local copy of the image (if any).

  • Well, cannot backup to cloud drive directly at present.

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