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problem to convert from GPT to MBR

Hi there,

I installed this software because one of my external hard drive is in GPT instead of MBR, I am travelling so using an old computer windows XP. I don't want to loose my data (travels pictures, videos...).

I tried to convert it but an error came up : code error 45.

Can you help me and tell me what to do !?

Thank you very much for your help!


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    XP 32-bit version does not support GPT partitions. You may find you can do the conversion running part assist from winpe 3.0 onward.

  • Hello,

    Yes, if your XP doesn't support GPT disk, please don't convert it. If it support, please try creating AOMEI Partion Assistant (PA) bootable media with the feature Make bootable CD wizard in the left panel of PA.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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