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Dual Boot USB 3.0

Here is what I am working with:

USB 3.0 Turbo PNY 128GB Flash, Reformatted as GPT

Partition 1 is NTFS planned for Windows 8.1

Partition 2 is ext4 for Ubuntu 14.04

Trying to use Windows To Go Wizard

***AOEMI PA won't recognized the flash drive.***

Windows Disk Manager does recognize the drive

Ubuntu Gparted (on my other computer) recognizes the drive

Please advise why this drive isn't recognized and what to do?

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?


  • Probably a Windows limitation.

  • Hello,

    As for your problem, I suppose your USB hard drive is an advanced format disk
    (You could click Start--in the search box, type in
    Msinfo32.exe, next, select component--storage--disk, then in the right
    section you could find the value of sector/bytes, if the value is multiples of
    512bytes, then it should be advanced format
    ), so Backupper cannot
    recognize this disk. We will update this feature in the next release.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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