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How to use PA to backup Windows 10 system

I just purchased AOMEI Partition Assistant a couple of hours ago.  Which is similar to the Avanquest Partition Commander that I used to use back when dinasours walked the planet and XP was the standard OS.

Today we have something called "GPT" which is supposed to make life better but I'm beginning to wonder about that.

Two days ago, the local computer repair shop installed Windows 10 on my laptop.  The display in AOMEI PA reveals that three additional partitions were created along with the system partition.

First question: To copy a Windows 10 system, do all four of those partitions need to copied?

Second question: PA brings up a dialog box about "migrating" the system.  Doesn't "migrate" mean to move.  I just want to backup the system NOT move it.

Third question:  If my system goes down, how do I reinstall the backup copy?  In the old days you made an emergency floppy.  -CUT-  I just noticed the "Make bootable media" option in PA.  So I'm ready to try this whole thing out just as soon as someone can verify the best process of copying a Windows 10 system (and only the system) onto an external hard drive using AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Thanks !


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    With what you want to do, you may be better served using the Backupper program.

    1. Make a "system" backup to a secondary drive, either installed or USB.

    2. Shutdown PC, remove your C drive and replace with new drive (SSD or HD).

    3. Boot PC using the bootable recovery disk.

    4. Restore your backup to the new drive.

    5. Shutdown PC. Reboot with just the new drive connected. 

    6. Everything should be working fine with either a MBR or GPT system. A system backup will back up all partitions necessary to run Windows.

    I've done this several times to check everything will work successfully on both type of systems. You can replace your original drive after this test. 

  • 1. It would be better if you can upload a screenshot of Partitoin Assistant.

    2. Actually, it will only copy the system.

    3. Not sure what do you mean by "backup", you mean create a system image or just copy the system to another drive? If you are talking about the first one, Flyer has given you a good example.

  • Dear Admin, here is the screenshot you requested:


    As you can see, before I wrote to this forum I had already copied C: System to H: System BK.  I don't understand Flyer's second instruction.  In most computers, C drive is an internal drive and cannot be "removed".  At least I don't know how.

    This is where I get angry with Microsoft.  Back in the days when things were sane, you were provided with system disks with your computer and you could reformat C drive with your system disk. Then you could either install a brand new OS or copy your backup system to C.

    I have done that MANY times in the past.  Today I am hoping to score a Windows 10 system disk and MAYBE that feature will be on it.

    In the meantime, please note those three small partitions ahead of the system partition.  I didn't copy them.  Do all four of those work together? If you only copy C and then reload it after time has past, will the other three partitions work with it or perhaps reject it because it doesn't match up with them somehow?

    As for your question: "Backup" means to have a pristine system with all of your programs and customizations stored somewhere so that when the crap hits the fan, like it inevitably does, all you have to do is wipe C: and load in the backup and you're ready to go.

    In the past, I've done this many times with Avanquest's Partition Commander.  To start from DOS, you needed to have their CD.  Based on that, I not only bought the AOMEI PA, I also paid for the disk.

    I have used the free Backupper in the past with success.  But now it's time to get serious with having command over the drives and Partition Assistant should be able to help me do that.  I use a competitor's program to do scheduled backups of the other drives.

    BTW: One of the reasons that I switched to another program is because Backupper couldn't handle when I would create backups and change the number.  Instead of continuing with the number I wrote in, it would insist on an order all its own.  I just got tired of having to re-number every backup I did.

    Over all, I think you have a great company.  I read numerous reviews and tested several alternative programs before choosing Partition Commander.  Now it's just a question of learning how to back up the Windows 10 system in such a way that it will actually work when I re-install it.

  • West.... if your C (system) drive fails, you will physically have to unplug it from the data cable and power cable and install a new drive by hooking it up to those cables. This is the whole point of doing a backup in the first place.... a way to "recover" your system in case of a drive failure.

  • And by the way, Windows offers a way for you to create a repair disk that will allow you to you to do many different types of repairs, restores, etc. Win 7 and 10 let you to do this. And it is quite simple to download an ISO from Microsoft that will allow you to reinstall Windows. AOMEI Pro will let you specify the number of backups you keep (standard won't) and schedule them accordingly. So I'm not sure what else you're trying to do???????

  • This is the whole point of doing a backup in the first place.... a way to "recover" your system in case of a drive failure.

    Flyer, I appreciate your help.  On the other hand I would caution you against being definitive.

    For example: a system backup is useful when one has installed a new piece of software that winds up interferring with everything that has been set up so far or interferes with the key applications that one uses to run a business.

    Instead of wasting hours, days or even weeks in fruitless troubleshooting, the wisest move is to re-install the system to a state before the trouble began and go from there.

    Likewise, a system backup is useful if you're involved in politics and your opponent has hired hackers to bring down your system to gain a competitive edge or prevent you from acting in a timely manner.

    Preparation for inevitable hardware failure is simply ONE reason for doing a system backup and is the least of my concerns.

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    "And by the way, Windows offers a way for you . . ."

    For many years now, Microsoft has offered users an option to employ "restore points".  I've never used that because 1) It slows your system down and 2) I don't trust Microsoft with anything that's critical to my life.  I use their products.  But I prefer to trust respected independent companies such as AOMEI to protect me from Microsoft's blunders.

    I'm not sure what else you're trying to do?

    What I'm going to be doing hasn't changed.  I'm going to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to occasionally clone my system as a protection in case I add a new program and it wacks my computer.

    So far, you've told me all about Microsoft and Backupper Pro.  But you haven't said a thing about Partition Assistant, which is embeded in the title of this thread (PA).

    Do you possess any hands-on EXPERIENCE with cloning Windows 10 system partitions using AOMEI Partition Assistant?  Have you restored one or more Windows 10 system partitions using AOMEI Partition Assistant?  If the answer to either one of those questions is "No", then, I'm sorry but you are merely theorizing.

    I have come to THIS forum specifically because it is my best chance of finding someone who has actually developed expertise with AOMEI Partition Assistant.  I need to know: 1) Whether the Windows 10 system can be successfully cloned using only the main partition or all four partitions. 2) The DOS based method most native to AOMEI Partition Assistant to load the clone back into C drive.

    Avanquest Partition Commander had a DOS disk that you could load and then find your clone and re-install it.  I need to know if AOMEI's disk (once it arrives) will work the same way or what the alternative DOS install method is.

    Can anyone answer those specific questions?


  • Yes, of course you can use a backup in those instances. I was just citing a worst case scenario. No, I've never used PA. I'm pretty sure from what I read you can't restore a system drive by backing up individual partitions and then restoring them one at a time without addition steps. I was just suggesting that Backupper will do exactly what you want. I was just trying to make it easier for you. I'll step back and let others try to assist you.

  • 1. Did you use Partition Copy or Migrate OS to SSD feature?
    2. It is not possible to load the clone back into C drive, the only option is to remove Disk 1 and replace with Disk 2.

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    Did you use Partition Copy or Migrate OS to SSD feature?

    Partition Copy

    the only option is to remove Disk 1 and replace with Disk 2.

    If that is true then either: 1) Backupper can copy a Windows 10 system in a unique way that Partition Assistant cannot OR 2) "Flyer" was wrong and Backupper cannot actually copy a Windows 10 system and then restore it.

    IMHO, if number 1 is true then Partition Assistant is a deficient product which should not be sold until that flaw is corrected.  Systems are stored in partitions.  If Partition Assistant cannot be used to create a safety copy of the Windows 10 system partition and restore it if necessary then it isn't much of an "assistant".

    Am I missing something?

    ALSO . . .

    I used Partition Assistant to "Make Bootable Media" but it was not recognized by my Bios.  Whereas, I used Windows 10 to make a bootable drive and it WAS recognized by my Bios.  What's up with that?

  • UPDATE !!!

    I went to the AOMEI website to confirm that there was some sort of guarantee.  Which I found (90 days).

    As I was combing the website, which is really spiffy BTW, I came across all sorts of things that I didn't see before.  One of them being AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional.

    ALSO there's a special deal for bundled software that I didn't see before.

    So here's the 64 Million dollar question: Will AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional back up my Windows 10 configuration and restore it, no problem?  If so, I need to talk to someone about buying the Partition Assistant/OneKey Recovery bundle and paying you the difference.


  • If you use Partition Copy to clone a system drive, it will not be bootable. So please use Migrate OS feature.
    Backupper and OneKey Recovery can backup your Windows 10 system and restore it.

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    Backupper and OneKey Recovery can backup your Windows 10 system and restore it.

    Are you sure about that?

    I was having technical difficulties getting the test version of OneKey Recovery to work.  So I started a thread here: https://www.aomeitech.com/forum/discussion/3727/aomei-onekey-recovery-problem

    As you will see when you read that thread, your own webpage says that OneKey Recovery only supports Windows OSs as high as 8.1.  Meanwhile, your website says that Backupper CAN backup and restore Windows 10.

    I would prefer to use OneKey Recovery.  But, other than your earlier assertion, I haven't come across a confirmation on your website that OneKey Recovery will work with Windows 10.

    PS:  If I use the Migrate OS feature in Partition Assistant as you suggested, I'm confused concerning the term "migrate".  Does that mean that the OS will be moved or copied? Thanks

  • The OS will be copied.

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