Main Threads:Copy an undistributed disk and make it into NTFS
  • Okay, so, two things:

    1. Im spanish, my English will be bad and some options will be bad translated

    2. I don't have any idea of anything relative to computers or electricity in general

    So my personal computer stopped working. Automatic reparation don't work, I can't restore to previous versions (it ends and after one or two minutes later os finishing suddendly appears a "Unknown errors, no changes has been done".

    I watched videos and read things and after all I decided to reinstall Windows 10, using this:ómo-realizar-una-reparación-de-windows/33ac2b9c-1fca-4962-bb37-bbdcea2feebb?auth=1

    It says that I would keep my files. And my important files are in my external hard disk, so okay.

    It says to install Windows (or sort of I don't know clearly what it is) in a USB. But I don't have any USB with more than 8 GB, so I installed that .exe in my external disk (using my dad's computer, where I write this now because mine still doesn't work).

    Then, after almost an hour waiting, it finished. BUT my disk was turned into an ESD-SUB in FAT32 format with only 32GB available (it was of 2TB).

    After two heart attacks I found this:

    So I installed AOMEI Partition Assistant and now I can see that my tera and half of files that I've saving for years are still alive, but "Undistributed".

    So I so scared of doing anything bad and losing all my things. So, please, help me, because I'm so clumsy and I don't want to explode anything.

    How I turn that "undistributed" disk partition of tera and a half into a NFTS with all my files.

    Beforehand, thanks.

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