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System Clone choosing Source Partition

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I have HDD ONE with two partitions, first partition is bootable with Windows on it.

I have HDD TWO with a backup OS, also bootable with Windows on it.

And finnaly I have HDD THREE where I want to clone HDD ONE's first system partition and make it bootable in HDD THREE's first partition (I will split hdd in two partitions later as needed).

For making things simplier (at least I thought so), I booted into my backup OS from HDD TWO, installed AOMEI Backupper, selected System Clone and boom - I have no option to select HDD ONE's OS partition as a Source Partition, I can only select Destination Partition.

I assume AOMEI Backupper expects to be Source System Partition the one the OS is currently running from. Is this true that there is no option to select Source Partition when doing a System Clone? Is there a reason not to have that option other than looking useless in most situations? Anyway I will boot back to my HDD ONE and do a System Clone that way but it feels a little awkward - doing a system image from a system currently running... but if AOMEI Backupper can do it, well, why not...


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    You can also make a partition clone of HDD ones OS and then add this cloned partition to the bootmenu using EasyBCD.

  • Hi @ravio, actually there is another work around to clone your HDD two. 

    1) Delete AMTAG.bin, SYSTAG.bin in both System partition.

    2) Create a bootable disk, then boot into it, you are able to select the source system partition to clone/backup 

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    So I booted from HDD ONE and did a System Clone directly from the OS currently running to HDD THREE and it did the job! Great software!!!

    JohnnyboyGo, this might not worked for me because I wanted the new hdd to be bootable after taking out old hdd's and I needed the bootloader to be on the same hdd as the OS.

     admin, if I understood you right, if I had deleted those two files, I would be able to boot from my backup OS and do a system clone from HDD ONE to HDD THREE directly? This will be usefull information for my future needs, thank you!

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