Main Threads:Cloned 256Gb SSD to 126Gb SSD, no boot options
  • Hello,

    I cloned my 256Gb SSD (with 100Gb of Data on it) to an image file, then restored the image file to my new 126 Gb SSD.

    The new drive looks identical to my old one, but I can't get it to boot windows from the drive.

    The option to boot it doesnt appear in the BIOS, and when I force it to run, it just tells me to run a viable OS.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Most of the info I have found is to do with upgraded size of hard drives and it's hard to find info on how to downgrade in size.

  • Clone to an image? You mean a backup? Did you make a system backup or disk backup?

    And if so, is the initialization style of the SSD the same as the original? MBR or GPT.

    You say BIOS (so it is not UEFI) then you need MBR style initialization. GPT is for booting in UEFI.

    By the way, the more free space a SSD has, the longer the lifetime. With little free space the same chips (area's) are written and re-written constantly and as you know there is a limit in re-write times of a SSD.

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