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WinXP 32 bit machine creates bootable CD with 64 bit app (winload.exe)

I installed Backupper (4.0.6) on my old Dell (Inspiron 9300) 32bit laptop which has WinXP. I created a bootable CD with the following selections:

 - Disc Type: WinPE

 - PE boot mode: Creat legacy bootable disc (with WinPE environment from internet)

which it did. When I booted from the CD, it loaded the files (progess bar along the bottom of the screen) then displayed:

File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe

Status: 0xc000035a

Info: This 64-bit application couldn't load because your PC doesn't have a 64-bit processor.

Is there anything I can do?

BTW: I created bootable USB stick for my Win10 machine and it booted fine.



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    This is a total guess and may not be correct but is something to try.

    The option to get WinPE environment from the internet is a new feature. Checking that may...may.. be downloading options for a 64 bit system. Try making the disk without checking that option. That way it should build the disk from your 32 bit system. 

    Again, I'm only guessing but since the USB stick worked with a win10 system which may be using a 64 bit system that this could be happening. Not only is your Dell using a 32 bit system but the CPU is also a 32 bit processor. It won't run a 64 bit program, hence the error.

  • Hi @Spiderman Peter,  The new PE environment is based on Windows 10 ADK, currently only 64 bit available. According to the error code that you have encountered, your CPU architecture is x86.

    To solve your problem, like @Flyer said, you can try old way, uncheck that option. Besides, you need to download AIK manually (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10333)

  • Thank you Flyer and Admin for your suggestion. There is one major problem. In the "Create Windows PE Disc" window, whether I check the "Create legacy bootable disc" or the "Create UEFI boorable disc" the "Download WinPE creating environment..." is checked and greyed out so I can't change it.

    Admin: are there instructions on the website for making a bootable disc/usb/iso for a x86 (Pentium M processor) machine running WinXP (32bit)? I will download the AIK image. I guess the AIK has the ability to create a WinPE disc.

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    Hmm.... I just made a bootable disk with v4.0.6, checked the legacy disk option and download WinPE environment wasn't checked or greyed out for me.

    And I just checked making it again while writing this and it's not greyed out or checked at this moment. This is something email tech support or the admin will have to address.

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     What system were you using to create the bootable disk? I was using the Win32 x86 system and the download WinPE environment was checked and greyed out, so I could not change it.

     And when I try to use my Win10 machine to create a boot disk, even though I uncheck the download, 64-bit apps get put into the disk, so it won't boot on x86 machine.

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    A Win10, 64 bit PC. 

    Try closing AOMEI and/or rebooting and see if that clears that block. Once you proceed past that step the program will tell you if you need to download AIK. If you can't find a way to uncheck that box, I'd email tech support. I know they can send you a link to download a workable ISO file (at least for win7 and for win10). Just make sure they know it's for a 32bit PC running winxp. Good luck with this.

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