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Backupper Pro - How to Set Number of Increments in Scheme

In the incremental scheme, is there a way to specify how many incremental backups are done between the full backups? No matter what I do, I can only set the number of full sets to be saved until deletion by a new set, but not of how many individual increments. I want to run a full backup once a week, and then two increments on each remaining day.

Is it so obvious that I am missing it?

Thank you! :)



  • you can try two schedule backup,one for full backup everyweek,one for incremental backup everyday.

  • Hmmm ... that did cross my mind too, though having paid for the pro version I was really hoping that it could be done within the scheme. Seems a bit half-baked. Then I also have to manage the individual deletions of the superseded files ... shaking my head. Several drives, several systems, several destinations ... a real PITA (Pain In The A..)

    But thanks for the suggestion, Pete

  • edited September 2017

    On the other hands you may try this follow steps:

    1,creat a task;

    2,click "scheme" button before "back"button;

    3,check “Enable Disk Space Management";

        Then you can chose one for your mission.

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