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Removing IP Addresses From a PC Used As PXE Server

I used Aomei PXE Tool on a PC (Windows 10), but I don't think it shut down properly.  I tried running PXE tool on another PC, but it moaned that PXE was running on another PC.  On the original PC, even after a rebooot, PXE tool isn't running, but using IPCONFIG, a number of IPs are in use.


However, using network tool in Windows, these IPs are not listed.


I can't see any Aomei service running, or process.  How can this machine be 'cleaned' ?  (IP addresses removed)


  • edited September 2017

    In services, the only Aomei service is Aomei backupper Schedule.


    Stopping this service has no effect.

    PC has been rebooted, but after a reboot, the IPs appear again.

  • The '' address is the one used when I last used PXE tool.


    If I try to start PXE tool again (to come out of it cleanly) it will not start


  • chrisjlocke,  you need manually open PXE tool to stop service, then the added ip should vanish


    Besides, please try to use AOMEI Image Deploy Tool instead to start PXE service

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