Recovery from errors without the backup job failing (Error 4103)

Aomei Backupper is fast enough when performing backups that it has revealed a previously hidden flaw in my laptop.  After extended periods of time transmitting at maximum throughput, as is the case when I am backing up the PC to my remote share via wireless, my wifi card appears to be overheating and dropping the connection momentarily (although it still shows as associated with the AP).  That much is not Aomei's fault; I LIKE that it is fast enough to max out the bandwidth when no other backup program I've tried can.  I am in the process of troubleshooting the issue and I will fix it.  I can (and usually do) use ethernet for this; it was happenstance that I was connected wirelessly when the backup task started and it eventually triggered the dropout.

The problem as far as Backupper is concerned is that when my wifi drops during a backup task and the share is no longer accessible, Backupper simply gives up with information code 4103.  It would be much better if Backupper would pop up a message that informed me that the target drive is no longer accessible and ask me if I want to retry or cancel the operation rather than just cancelling it automatically. 


  • ...And in addition, the error dialog needs to be persistent.  When Backupper fills up the destination disk, it does create a dialog asking the user to clear some space and continue as it should, and as I would like it to do for "network path not found" and other errors too. So I tab out to do just that, and discover that when I have made some room and I am ready to let Backupper start once again, the dialog that gives me the chance to continue is gone, and all that is left is the main Backupper dialog giving another infuriating error code and the message that the task is "100%," which in this case means 100% frustrating and 100% failed.

    I don't know if it is on a timer or if just the act of switching windows causes the "you are out of disk space" dialog to disappear and behave as if it had been cancelled, but the dialog needs to persist... basically forever, until the user makes a choice or the PC is shut down.  There's no reason for it to time out and CERTAINLY no reason for it to disappear if I happen to focus another program (like File Explorer so that I can make room).

  • We will try to improve this feature, thanks for your suggestion.

  • Thanks! 

    Also, as I mentioned, I fixed the wifi dropouts, or at least I think I did.  It is not the laptop at all... the router was overheating.  I took the cover off and it is working fine!  Now just need to figure out if passive cooling can be added easily enough or if it will need a fan.

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