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Best Way to backup two disks / exclude folders from Disk Backup

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My system has two drives, C: a SSD drive with the OS and other programs, and D: a larger separate HD for mostly data.

To back up both, if I understand correctly, I have to use System Backup to get the C: drive, and a Disk Backup for the D: drive.

Assuming this is the most efficient way to do this, is there a way for me to backup all of D: but exclude 3 large folders? This is with the Standard version of the software under Window 10 Pro.

Thank you.


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    Yes, it is possible in disk backup:

    List of files that won't be backed up are listed here in the registry of Windows:


    Aomei respects those entries. So that is a convenient way to exclude files or folders from the backup. 



    f:\nb2\*.* /s

    You can also try File Backup or File Synch with filter settings, excluding specific folders.

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