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Trouble updating Aomei Backupper Standard to v4.0.5.

Was unable to update Backupper Standard to v4.0.5, until removed previous installation with Revo Uninstaller Pro trial version. Tried several other uninstall programs first, but got Runtime Error messages including "floating point division by zero" and "SWbemObjectSet: Class not registered".


  • We will test this issue, thanks for your feedback.

  • Had same trouble and solution for upgrade to v4.0.6. Revo Uninstaller listed many pages of leftover Registry entries, files and folders. It looks as though the AOMEI uninstaller errored right away, whether from the downloaded update program ("Runtime Error (at 268:5915): Floating point division by zero"), X'ing out the installer window ("Floating point division by zero"), or trying to remove the previous version from Programs and Features ("Runtime Error (at 258:759): SWbemObjectSet: Class not registered"). Running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, Intel Core i7 2600K at 3.40GHz, 16 GB RAM. Would be amazed if many people have not had this problem with the free version.

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