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backu/restore taking forever...

edited August 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

So here goes, precision 5520 with a samsung pm961 512gb nvme in it. Single slot m.2 setup.

Want to install Toshiba 1tb ssd nvme pcie.

From what I can find, no easy way to remotely adapt second nvme ssd.

Used intermediate 3.5 hd dock for the system image store and then a usb drive for the pe with needed nvme drivers for new ssd. I did have to make some adjustments to the bios on the computer as it was not seeing the new nvme ssd: disabling sata devices, boot was already set to uefi, sata operation was already set as AHCI, enabled legacy option roms, disabled secure boot.  After making the changes, the new nvme was visible.

Boot machine from winpe created from aomei, started restoration process last night around 10pm, went to bed with it saying 16hrs left, get up this morning and it his now saying 697hrs left...lol...it has been slowly increasing over time...every couple of minutes it grows....just changed to 699hrs

Any suggestions besides the obviout two....ie, let it ride or start over and make sure you did X...or even an "I had that happen and had to do X to get it to work"....all help is appreciated.


  • After making the changes, the new nvme was visible.

    You mean visible by BIOS or AOMEI WinPE?

  • actually, yes on both accounts.  since I was in a pinch for time, I
    pulled down macrium reflect, started over, reset bios defaults,
    installed, made custom recovery usb from their software, made backup to
    usb disk, swapped nvme pcie ssd's, rebooted with recovery usb, found
    drives without issue, started restoration, finished...34 minutes on the
    down and 34 minutes on the up. working like a champ so far.  Not sure
    why theirs worked and yours doesn't but you might want to look in to

  • Is it a Win10 PE or a Win7 PE?

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