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  • Hello, I cloned from a 1000 gb drive to another 1000gb drive. I have been able to boot from the cloned drive however the clone has 8gb of remaining free space more than the original which I cloned from. Did some data fail to be cloned to the new drive, or is a small size difference like this explainable in some way?

  • Unless both drives were identical (same manufacturer, same model) the amount of "actual" space on the drive can vary. This is after formatting, etc. Many people complain that they thought they were buying a 256GB drive and it only had 233GB of space after installation. This may be what you are experiencing. Your new drive may have more usuable space. Check for "used" space on each and see if that is the same.

  • Or the Pagefile.sys and some other unnecessary files aren't cloned.

  • The drives are actually identical, and have the exact same total space. I don't see how the remaining space could be different on each drive unless there was some type of compression or certain files weren't copied. Could someone confirm whether or not this is the case?

  • The paging file and hibernate file won't be copied.

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