Need advice in setting up backup versions

I'm new to Backupper and would like some advice on scheduling. I previously used WinZIP daily and kept three monthly backups. I used the MS Task Scheduler to run batch files on the last day of the month to rename/copy backups so that BACKUP3 was always the oldest, BACKUP2 was the prior month's, and BACKUP1 was the current month. It might be crude, but it worked. Every six months I copied the current BACKUP2 offline, including the date in the file name (e.g., BACKUP1May17) to make it unique and obvious.

Unless you have a better suggestion, I plan to follow the same scheme with Backupper. I made a full backup at the beginning of the month and differential backups daily. After making a new full backup at the beginning of the next month, I plan to delete all the differential backups. Should I rename the first full backup to include the date in the name? Will renaming cause any problem if I need to restore?  Will probably do the renaming and deleting manually until I understand the pattern and see a way to automate it. Suggestion very welcome.

The backups are stored on a 2 terabyte USB drive, along with a lot of other files. I don't intend to let Backupper fill the drive. Reading the documentation, I can't figure out how to make the number of versions automatic deletion work with the naming scheme. Should I just forget about renaming and set the version count to three? 


  • Why do you need to rename the backup file? If you enable the backup scheme, it will delete old backups automatically.

  • OK, I understand that I don't have to rename the backup file. How do I make a scheme that makes a full backup followed by a month of differential backups and then repeats the process for three months? The result should be three sets, each set consisting of one full backup and a month's worth of differential backups. Some months would have 29 differentials and some would have 30. 

    Is it asking too much to have the backups tied to months? I know how to do that using the MS Task Scheduler, but maybe Backupper's scheduler can't do that?

  • Maybe you could try the scheme below:


  • Am I correct that Backup Schemes are not available in the free Standard version?

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