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Partition clone vs System clone - clarification please

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I see that one of the differences between the free and professional versions is that the free version does not support system cloning. In the past I've used Acronis and Paragon to image the boot partition of my Windows systems, and provided the computers were not too different,  there was no problem restoring to a bootable hard drive and getting it to work well on these computers.  So what is the difference with AOMEI's partition vs system clone?


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    A partition clone does not clone the (hidden) system partition incl. bootsector, but only the C: or D: (etc) partition. These partitions are not bootable by itself, like data partitions.

    It is true that the free version does not support the system clone. (but the Linux bootable media does). However you can make a system backup (to an external drive) and restore that. Same result as a clone. Just takes a bit longer.

  • @JohnyboyGo - thanks for the clarification and tips - I'll have to check my understanding of this with some real life testing...

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