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System Image Backup of Triple boot system


I have a triple boot system; Win 10 x64 on a SSD and Win 7 x64 on a partition of a different SSD with a Win 7 x32 partittion on the same SSD as Win 7 x64. The Win 10 x64 SSD has a 500 MB boot/recovery partition on it, while the SSD with Win 7s have no apparent boot partitions.

Is there some way for AOMEI Backupper to make a system image back up of this set up?

Preferrably 3 different system images, one for each of the 3 OS installations.




  • edited July 2017

    You can make 3 system backups or 1 system backup and 2 partition backups or 2 disk backups or 1 system backup and 1 disk backup. Your choice.

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